IMG_9938Hello my name is Natalie. On any given day at any given moment you will find me daydreaming about food whilst i am running around cleaning, organising, socialising and of course mothering two of my favourite people in the world – Master 5 years and Miss 18 months.

With the addition of these two little people to the dinner table my passion for yummy and nutritious food was, and still is, challenged and tested each day.

When an uninvited guest called ‘Dwindling Budget’ also joined in to the fun this passion also demanded some serious tweaking.

The result is a very stubborn and determined mother on the relentless hunt for meals that please both big and little souls alike – an eternal search through the supermarket isles, countless cookbooks and my memory banks for the ever elusive meal that stands up to my mantra

‘One meal, Full bellies, Happy faces’

Join in my journey to gastronomically please the husband (aka The Stand in Chef), Master 5 years and Miss 18 months at our dinner table. Collect menu plans, recipes or just join in and share in my frustrations and joys of trying to achieve ‘full bellies and happy faces’ at the dinner table.

I look forward to sharing the meals we have had success with as well as the meals we have not (who knows, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – maybe they will work with your lot?)